Thursday, April 12, 2012

Holy Shit + Holy Cow (Edit)

LOL no more moaning for a bit.   Had already been lucky on a kind of flip and hit for a double stack on 5/10$ pl hi lo before this hand came up.   Big fish has left and i was already leaving when bb came 2 hands later.

7h7d23ss  button 4hnded raise to 30 and both blinds call
flop is 10d,7s,5d , chks to me i bet 60 and sb calls before bb raises underpot to 210, i flat to disguise and pot raise most turns. sb tanks then decides to shove $845 allin and bb repops me allin.  

sb - Ah,10h,8h,4s
bb - As,Qd,10s,8d

turn is a nasty Jd but river is a Jh and i scoop my biggest pot of the year at $5,159.    I run good !!!!

Odds on flop:   58% equity for me vs bb 23% and sb 19%
Take sb out of it for $2,600ish side pot and its 69/31 in my favour.  

Still so lucky to scoop as thats 39% 3 way.

Takes me to +£3,213 for April.   Break now might even call it a night.   How things rest on the turn of a card or 2.  Say a Qs river or several others and im down on the month a bit !!!

Edit 1:35am WTFFF  Holy Cow !!!!!
Took break for 90mins and ive just come off another 90 minute session again running like god and again doing the majority of it on 5/10$.   Pure crazy stuff again chasing a fish but running like god against the regs again :))     Somehow made another £2,290 to take me to +£5,503 for the month.

Started the day around +£725 so roughly +£4,778 profit on the day.  I have no idea when i last has such a good day (without looking back), probably over 2 years ago.  Shocked is the only word i can use, especially since its not an mtt win, just pure cash games.


Anonymous said...

Sick nice sir....


x_ROSH125_x said...

lol, Awesome..!!

Robert "Animal" Price said...

ta.....fight off the complacency time . nice problem to have ;)

sledge13 said...

Brilliant fantastic stuff...might have to give this omaha a shot (and probs lose the lot lol)

Robert "Animal" Price said...

hav linked u up sledge