Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Poor Start

Only played a few hours Friday and it wasnt great.  Still similar to last month just not happening money or enjoyment wise.  Took Saturday and Sunday off but played a fair bit tonight in the end.   Same sort of story, think i actually lose nearly £1,000 first session before recovering towards the end of it to -£200.   Later sessions went better then hit a wall again around midnight.   Sit on -£189 for the month but have cleared a £250 bonus today so really it would have been a £250 loss on the day as i started around -£200 after Friday.   Thats not too bad in reality as tracker says im about £800 below ev for the month.  Not even been looking at that lately but anything to make me feel better about the game is welcomed !!!  Prob try and bash out some more hours tommorrow if im feeling it.

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