Monday, June 23, 2008

Vegas - Day 1 (Sunday)

Flight wasnt too bad although the landing was a bit bumpy we were slightly early and i made it to my hotel room just after 3pm. I was hoping to get an hour or 2 snooze before heading out but failed after 15 mins trying i thought **** it im in vegas im going out ! (Seem to remember same happened last year) Plan was to stay up till around midnight and despite being very tired on occasions i managed it playing 1/2$ at the Venetian. Several (lost count) white russians later and after being $500 down i recovered to finally finish $360 up. I enjoyed playing the drunk englishman and could hardly fail to get paid off when i did hit hands with a nice crazy image it was a lot of fun. 1 of thing of note when someone asks me what i do this year im lying and saying im an accountant as i did last nigh., Anyway it seems daft saying poker when you are sitting drunk on the lowest cash game available drunk as a skunk !

Not too hungover or tired after good sleep and its 10:30am now so probably gonna head off to the Venetian for the $540 game at midday.

1 comment:

Kevin 'Azimut' Moore said...

you mental nutter!
why go play a daft tourney at midday when you're in Vegas? wtf?
Afternoons in Vegas are for japapeno's. Loads of them on everything. And espresso mind erazers.
WTF? What a waste of a great trip.
You mentalist nutter!
How on earth did you manage to bump into 'DC the phoneless wonder' in the middle of Vegas on a Sunday night?

chilliiiiii Powerrrrrr hahahahah
more chilli more chilli
fuck poker