Monday, June 09, 2008

No Change

But when it does i will win everything. Broken record on how bad i run yet again. Been so bad all week ive hardly played but tonight again sums it up.

Promo freeroll 1000,600,400euro top3. A lovely 4/23 for me after losing QQ vs AK for 60% chips to go 1/4 then busting AJ vs 99 to go joint 1/3. Cash no better missing all vital 50/50s usually after getting it in first to be called by a donkey. And of course go deepish in $20k before losing QQ vs AK to go 15/40 and then committing to raggy bb getting 2-1 but still losing to QJoff for a 10.5xbb pot. Finish bout 35/170 as standard really.

But i expect a change and either way i cant wait to get to vegas where at least i will enjoy the poker win or lose.

As with most sessions i aint really enjoyed it, im making sure i have at least 2 days off a week at the moment as its still just doing my head in.

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