Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vegas - Day 5 & 6 (Thur/Fri)

Day 5 totally uneventful. Basically the 4 day white russian frenzy had left my body in a weird state of limbo so i had to take a day out to just relax and recharge.

Yesterday i played the $550 venetian 12pm again. I generally didnt hit many flops but was 100% happy with my play and managed to sustain my stack throughout with some nicely timed bluffs, resteals and steals. Fast forward to the 2 key hands and left on 10,400 in a 1200 bb i had to move in over a button raiser with 55 knowing he was prob committed. Donk takes ages to make whats an instant call and i hold vs J9off suit. I float around 20-26k for a bit then another bb hand and american "im a god at poker, shades and headphones and gut as big as i would hav if i lived in america" makes a weak as hell 4100 from the cutoff when bb is now 1600. My reads had been spot on most of the time in this mtt and my range to move allin with weakened now as i was playin just over 20k. Lookin down at Q7off i know my move and amazingly this dummy calls instantly. I say good call thinking shit my read was wrong but he turns over 98off !!! Lets just say there was a bit of history between us so maybe he was itching to knock me out. Anyway im only what 54 55% mayb and he hits and im gone but incredibly satisfied with my play and a bit gutted not to have the 43k stack with a 40k average. I finished about 150/400 anyway for the record.

So again in limbo as to what to do i headed for a steak then decided to give caesars cash a bash again. Nout too eventful really losing $400 recovering to level and finishing at 2am. Did get cold decked again top2 vs top set but fortunately the guy only had $150 and i did get reverse luck at end of session making some dubious calls and hitting for a change.

1:30pm now and im playin a bit online for a change having woke too late for a 12pm game. Probably look to play a 12pm deepstack tommorrow, expect ill head out for some cash games later but im in no rush and will prob hit the pool for a bit first.

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