Monday, May 09, 2011

Blog Up, Im Down

Arrrgh just had major frustrating session.   Deep and chipleader in a $109 and get table nutcase allin twice with A245dbl std vs AKJ10 and AA810 vs J10104  and he splits one and scoops the other.   To put into context there was 11 players left, paid 8 (where i finally finished) and scoop either of those pots and im 1/10 with 55k with 2nd sitting on less than 20k and everyone else between 10-15k.  

Just compounded my loss though and hit the 30/60 cash only to lose like 80% of pots i entered, see you later $1,600.    Silly but i still feel i have an edge at that, i just run soooooooo bad every time i load it up and none more than the 2 times this month.  

So im now on +£456 as i write this for May :(    I hadnt ruled out horse and hi lo limit mtts in the next hour but im pretty sure i just cant face them now.

At least ive found out how to post again on this which was frustrating me a bit as well.   Just need to sort out my messenger that crashes immediately 95% of the time i load it and i'll be running good again.

Close to booking vegas, been on phone to virgin and someone gettin back to me tommorrow.  Having said that ive found what i consider to be a great deal elsewhere so ill prob take that up if i cant make use of my air miles this trip.

Right off to spout some rage elsewhere.

EDIT:: 3:50am

calmed down enough to enter 2x $215 horse and limit hi lo.    horse 3rd b4 blinds caught up and lose 3 big pots in row to bust.    hi lo early chipleader for ages and top 2 then lose count of how many pots in a row i lose or get quartered on to bust that nowhere either.   +£123 only for May now, not what i wanted but have to take it on the chin, worst day for a long time.

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