Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mini FTOPS In Running


If i can be bothered i will update this at least every hour, 10pm start.   Its a 10game mtt  $109 buyin with multi entries.  Ive not played one of these before but as i understand it allows you to play different tables in the same tournament with up to 4 buyins.  If u get to the point where there is less tables than you have players, stacks are merged.   I didnt realise until i just checked that it was multi entry but what the hell.  Ive had a good day so far today even gettin back into profit for the month prior to buying into this.  For this reason and also that i expect it to be full of clueless players ive entered it the full 4 times !!!


lol 6 handed didnt realise that !!! intense


doing ok, very fast structure.  also i didnt know NL 2-7 single draw was listed, ive never played it so im off to read strategy.  obv played limit triple draw version so got rough idea and can make it up lol.
all 4 left.
274th, 139th,103rd and 19th of 419 left.     464 entrants


3 left, just bust 1 in NL holdem when i raised cutoff with 87off.  flop juicy 865 and matey min chkraises my cont bet.  i ship 4000 into what initially was a 600 pot flop.   He calls 10,7off and spikes a 10 on the river.  

74,91 and 269 of 345 left.


blinds chunky now but surviving with 3 mid stacks
87,125 and 139 of 273 left  , pays 66


2 left. nout interesting on other bust.
61 and 166 of 175 left.

///bust that short one 5 mins later shoving junk into A8 NL holdem sb vs bb


arrgh bust in 90th/554, gutted , had fun but really wanted to cash in at least 1 of them 4 !
still given me taste for it though and might have to play the WSOP event now although it is $2,500 and towards end of trip so just have to see how well ive done up to then.

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