Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Profit But No Volume And Not Feeling It

Been back on the 30/60 tonight and turned a ok profit after a couple of hours of break even earlier at lower stakes.   Not been in mood to play much today though, maybe i should try some plo or sommat different to get my interest back during the week.  When i returned for a late session it was a bit of carnage on high limit stakes and sick outdraws/coolers on pl hi lo before an abrupt end to the night when my broadband failed.   This rarely happens and its always been instant to reset and get back in but i was shut out for over an hour so finished early, maybe a blessing in disguise on how that session was going.   Seems to be a bad month for things crashing or failing to work in a simple and straightforward manner but im now on +£947 for May so its certainly not all bad.

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