Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1st SCOOP attempts and WSOP Trip Booked

Badugi $165 arrrgh another bubble 44th/300ish paid 40.    Im still learning the game but there was some shocking players in there as expected.   Im not sure yet if im a good, average or bad badugi player but i know ive won plenty on low stakes cash when ive played several sessions.  Unfortunately my pokertracker doesnt pick it up though :(
I did cash in the $109 pl hi lo daily for the 2nd night running but once again the decent big pots eluded me but i defintely was much luckier than normal just to cash so cant complain.

Lost a $240 buyin on pl hi lo 3/6 to a guy callin reraise with K782 too good for my AA35.  Elsewhere though limit cash has been pretty solid and im just tallying up the day now.  

Didnt play a great deal of volume as badugi is a bit confusing with lots of hi lo tables alongside and also i was busy booking my WSOP Las Vegas trip.

Right thanks to limit cash tables and that small mtt cash for 300ish$ im up on the day and now sit on a months profit of £577, happy with that.

VEGAS:  Should be there 30th May, leaving 25th June.  Staying Gold Coast first 10 nights and Vdara the last 16.    Definitely on a bit of a feel good rush after finally getting around to booking that :)

Oh also now Ultimate Bet says they are allowing withdrawals again so i await to see if i can get my £750 out of there a bit more confidently. 


Anonymous said...

£750 from UB will be like a decent winning day imo !!! GL

link to rules of Badugi please !!


pokershades1 said...

thats handy rob , didnt think u would be seeing that 75O for a while lol . keep us updated when in vegas mate !!

Robert "Animal" Price said...


gimp said...

stop plyn badmugi u tard

Anonymous said...

Are you just playing WSOP events or do you play in regular local tournies? I'm looking for some mid stakes non holdem games and wonderd if you played a bit of a schedule when out there.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

There is quite a lot of non holdem games this year at different places although most are just a little too small for me. As i general rule of thumb my top buyin online x3 is about my top buyin live for mtts. Binions, Golden Nugget and even Caesars have a series with lots of different games on. Ill post the links here in a mo cos i think i have them saved on favourites.

Robert "Animal" Price said...





Robert "Animal" Price said...

i have a schedule of sorts but apart from the first 2 limit O8 games at rio and venetian im not definite on anything else as it will depend how the cash games are and what my moods like.