Saturday, November 08, 2008

So Far

Plane journey was great, immed through customs and bag out one of first. Was quickest ive ever got to my hotel from touching down ever in Vegas. Rest of day was just drunk 1/3, ended up losing $100 and getting the usual reminder that only well timed bluffs wont get called out here.

Thursday i played the $540 2pm Bellagio. First time ive played there but again i bluffed at the wrong time and was out a few levels in. Only 30ish runners otherwise i would play them daily. Anyway went onto 1/3 in Caesars same table as Punterz and ended up $900 up b4 meal etc to finish it off. One hand of note ive been ordered to blog:

53dd early position and i limp as 2 a couple others b4 punterz pot boosts to 15 on the button. Bout 2 callers + me and flop is a juicy 24K with 2 diamonds. I lead for 25$ and just Punterz calls. Turn is a 2nd club but a 7 and now i lead for $50 after Punterz does a luvly im callin whateva u bet act and if u dont bet i will check the river. He then proceeds to say if i bet he is calling then putting all "these" chips in on river. He grabs 2 handfuls of what i would estimate to be around $200 give or take. River is a blank 10 and i dwell a while, he is giving his threatening speech hanging his handfuls of chips over the line. I so wanna win with the nut low :) and have to bet. I make it a $100 (looks like a good blocker or value bet to him). He looks disgusted and i immediately say come on you cant foold now. He reluctantly does but shows 63cc proudly saying i cant beat you anyway. When i show him and the table the 5 high where the 6 would have played he nearly collapsed and the rest of the table were in complete hoots. Think he luvved it more than i did claiming its one of best hands he has had. I guess it would have been for me too but i did bluff a similar amount off to him before. Anyway for entertainment value it was on the 10/10 scale and for image which paid off after that hand it helped me win the $900 profit too in the end, no one was ever folding to me again :)

Yesterday i stayed sober and played $540 venetian, again a badly timed bluff cost me loads level 2 but i had lost a chunk value bettting with trip 10s against a straight which could have took a lot more off me level 1. I played the short stack well though and patient but the hand to go out on wasnt huge but was a ridiculous gutshot flush draw and overs against a guy check raising me with 2nd pair when i had already committed to the pot and i miss, ah well. Played a $130 satellite to get $570 tourney chips more to cool off that anything and got through on what was an awful standard table as expected. The 3 of us then (pirus beign the 3rd) for fun played a $125 bounty in Treasure Island. Punterz pissed as a fart making most people luv or hate him, whats new. I got labelled a fish calling station cos i was first couple levels, so funny how serious people take the game in these tiny crapshoot fish type tourneys. Believe me if i told them how much i made from poker they just wouldnt have believed it :) Finished off with a steak and a good nights sleep.

Think im gonna play the Venetian again today $540 which is in 75mins. Could see me drinkin if i dont go deep although i wouldnt mind giving the $1000 a go tommorrow or played a wad of sunday mtts online so ill have to make that nice choice later as i go along.

Only played online for an hour or so since i got here and made a quick buck or 2. I keep that separate for the trip though and my Vegas gambling is +$235 currently....laters

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