Sunday, November 09, 2008


Venetian $550 15,000 starting stack. Played much better in this, also much tighter by my standards with a few moves, bluffs, madness, whateva u wnna call it mixed in. 5 hands of interest:

1) Playing 16k 50/100 i pick up KK in the cutoff. several limpers b4 me and i make it 600 hoping for 1 mayb 2 max callers. We are 9 handed and i get 7 callers !!! 8 going to the flop lol. Anyway flop is K94 2 spades and luckily for me setminer had 44 and i go to 30k.

2) New table only got there and fancied some aggression to get an image immediately. On the button several hands in i make it 2000 to go with 10,7off (blinds 300/600 50 ante) and bb calls. Flop is A78 with 2 clubs and he leads for 3000, we r both in region of 40k and i make it 8000 total, he flat calls. cant remember turn and river think 3rd club on turn and blank but we check it down and he has 9,10hh and i take a nice pot down.

3) Same table people are vocally going on bout the 10,7 and ive tightened up a bit hopin to pick up a hand and get paid. Anyway folds to sb and he tops up to 800. I look at KK in the bb and make it standard raise 2600 as done few times already at this level. He calls. Flop is 98x and he chk raises me allin. I instant call and he shows 9,10off and i hold to up to peak stack at that point. New we were spliting not long after though so tightened up completely and didnt pick any more hands up there.

4) New table although 1 guy friendly but nervy tight abc player from my first table there. I knw he folds to reraises unless top premium hand. Several hands in he makes it 3400 (1200bb) from mid late position. I have the golden 10,7 off and make it 10k looking to take it down from the cutoff. BB moves allin 15k and i shabily call. He shows 10s and board comes 88469 , golden and peak stack again. Anyway just before dinner i lost a Q10std vs 6s to have gone prob top5 chippy on 110k at 1600bb and was left with 65k, still an ok stack.

5) After that though big chippy moves to our table and so many big hands at our table none of which im getting. I remember moving allin 45k after a 4k limper utg with Q9dd in the cutoff and he folded 8s face up but opportunities were slim and i felt i couldnt have done much more than i did. With 33 players left, pays 27 (280 runners, $33k 1st) and blinds 4k but 2 mins b4 6k i moved allin 8handed on the button with 4s and ran into jacks. Gutted not to get into the cash and have a chance at big stuff but took it on the chin although 10 hours for nout aint the best feeling. Dnt regret the shove 1 bit, if ive got 60k there i either fold preflop or make it 12k ish then fold to reraise.

To sum up a much more solid performance, luck both ways to be honest but 33/280 aint so bad. Only twice almost allin b4 exit hand and called when sim stacks that KK vs 9,10 and kk vs 44 so cant do that much else.

Played some tired 1/3 after and went $300 down quickly before finishing $450 up so only $100 down live on the day anyway ! Today ive gone for couple of mtts online and fair bit of cash for a few hours. The others goin rio later for seafood buffet so may go over there but unsure yet. Obviously wsop final table on, think its there not binions so that may swing it.


Just played 2/5$ omaha and 2/5£ omaha hi lo for 3 hours and played/ran well. Bout £2000 profit :)) Right pool time and seafood buffet apparantly lol

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Amatay said...

hope its goin well fish. check my blog m8, life fucking tilt :-(