Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stuck In Another Time Zone

Just played ecoop hi lo $220 tourney and went deep, in top 10 for 3 of the 3.5hrs. Then it went wrong , i bluffed at wrong time then hand played itself forced me in as i wasnt trying to creep into the cash. Pot was huge and had plenty of outs against a clueless "pro" who i wont mention but missed em all to have probably gone chipleader on close on a monster stack. Not to worry, just a shame they dont have more of these tourneys with decent buyin on european sites. If anyone knows of any ive missed let me know. Cant be assed with tilt or stars as players a lot tighter so not as easy money in em.

Body clock is horrendous at mo gettin up 5-5:30pm last 2 days , oops. Just sorted out to play in Gala Bristol next week though in a £1,600 event. Probably go down on the Tuesday and play the £550 as well. Have taken the £550 out of my monthly profits and the main event is the package i won recently. Just hope they dont fill before i get there as ringing them was useless, and the online guy recommended i buyin before at a Gala. Yeah cheers for that, like im gonna drive 150miles to buyin b4 the day.

Played fair bit of cash alongside that multi today, currently about £300 up unsure if im going to play later or not yet. No high stakes today anyway.

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Anonymous said...

just buyin at ur local gala save any hassle