Friday, November 14, 2008


On the back of the hangover to avoid not leaving the room all day i thought i would visit a casino or 2 near my hotel. Despite staying here 3 times ive never been to any of Sahara, Stratosphere or Circus Circus. Main objective though was to stuff my face to get rid of my hangova. As i left the hotel i decided against the first 2 and headed for Circus Circus instead. Decided on chilli con carne and could hardly move without even finishing the plate in front of me !

Anyway decided to have a few goes on slots before heading back. Started on video poker and lost $100 before going onto an Ebay slot machine and winning the $100 back. Was heading towards the exit when a Monopoly machine caught my eye so i sat down there. Playing 9 lines @ 5 credits per line x 5 cents i was spinning $2.25 a spin when it rolled it the jackpot for 50,000 credits = $2,500 !!! At first i didnt see the wild symbol on the 5th reel but within seconds realised i had finally got the top payout on a vegas slot machine. Could go a whole lifetime without that. I walk past people playing machines all the time and i have never seen someone win a jackpot in my time over here before !!!


Amatay said...

lucky fucking fish! I can't even win a flip ffs

Punterz said...

lucky jew...EBAYYYYYYYY

Anonymous said...


I don't believe I've tried to reach you before, but if I did I don't have a record of it, so I apologize.

I'd like to do some advertising on your blog. Sorry to use your comments to contact you, but I saw that you had moderation enabled, so you'd be able to delete this.

Please email me at if you'd like to hear my proposal. Thanks.


Pirus said...

hahahahahaha Ebayyyyyyyy

Wheel of misfortune number 10!