Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bad, Good & Pissed

Monday went as follows:

Online for couple hours level but couple suck outs against me so fine.

Bellagio $540 2pm, bust at end of 2nd level !!! Missed all flops and fish called bluff and generally others all hit the flops i missed :( BUT funny hand which sums up Vegas and some of the shit ive seen this week:

25/50 utg limps i make it 225 with AA playing 5-6k and just the button calls. Flop is 544 and i make it 325 which he calls. Turn is a 7 and we both check. River is another 4 and i value bet for 1325. The guy looks disgusted so im itching for a call. He then says "i'll give it to you" holding 55 up in the air. I ask if he means he is folding and he chucks it down in the muck and confirms he is. I muck while seat 1 & 2 are trying not to laugh but cutoff tells button his mistake immediately just to embarress the poor sod even more.

Headed back to Venetian and got into a Omaha PL 2/5 game soon after i got there. Sat with $500 looking to gamble and peaked at $2100 before finishing at $1575 nearly 3 hours later. Was fun definitely will play again.

After a steak we all went walking up the top end of the strip. After many cocktails, slots, blackjack, wheel of fortune etc Punterz and i finished back on 1/2 in Venetian for a laugh. Sat down maybe 12:30am and stayed till 4am. Made $100 there then went looking for food. Got a subway sandwich but not before playing more slots after some video poker and winning another $170, happy days :)

Finally got back to room around 5am shattered but had ok nights sleep but unsure what im doing today. Options are pool, gym, online, bellagio 2pm, caesars 3pm omaha hi lo tourney (only $200 but could be a laugh), or i guess Venetian pl omaha again. Gonna try having a day off the drink again anyway now the others have headed back to Florida.

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Punterz said...

Yes you dirty dog you made $100, but considering I reraised/went all in without looking at my hand at least 30 times that makes you a nit jew.