Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rough Times

Spending most of today in room thanks to a white russian attack on an empty stomach, was fun but not recommended. Anyway yesterdays summary:

Bellagio $540 went to form eventually losing KK vs AQ to go above average chips with half of the 28 entrants left.

After i bust i looked around for this complete calling station european chap who never folds to see if he was on a cash table. I found him and sat on 2/5$ NL hoping i good get some. I ended up playing on this table for 11 hours and peaked at $2300 down before finishing only $1300 down. Im happy with this as i ran so bad it was a good result in the end as far as im concerned. Some sample hands i can remember before i hit the booze:

Get $240 in preflop with AK and CS (callin station) flops 63off to double off me. He only had about the same behind so i was committed anyway.

Call a $15 raise with 78ss on the button (CS is sat nxt to me i hav position). Flop is Kxx all spades and he bets 60 which i call and another does. Turn is a blank and i bet $160 which only he calls. River is 10s and chk chk for him to show 10x9s.

Call a $15 raise on button with A5hh, bout 6 go to flop which is A,10,3. CS bets 25$ gets a weak caller and i make it $100 to go. Just CS calls and turn is a Q. Chk chk and its early days so i cant help callin the $200 river bet to be shown QQ.

CS makes it 15 and i make it 90$ with AA. 1 caller + CS and flop is KQx , other caller has KK and despite a small tell i kind of hoped he was on AK when he flat called the flop and couldnt resist doubling him up and losing several hundred on the hand. I had a raport with CS now and he told me he had folded KJ. Nice flop for me then :(

I managed to get some back playing the drunken pissed english tourist anyway and probably pissed off several well serious boring locals in the process. Also got some angle shooting (if thats whats its called) when local guy tells me i win when i call his river bet. Fortunately my cards went nowhere near the muck when he did a fake muck and turned his 9high face up. The ruling went in my favour which wound up the **** big time and actually made me more comfortable at the table than had been before (prob thx to the booze). Had to be seen to be believed but this guy was scum and ive never seen someone try this before. Lowest of the low and worse than slowrolling in my opinion. Fortunately i was at the opposite end of the table and just put mp3 on max and chilled instead of getting over involved in after talk when he was throwing his toys out of his pram. All experience gained i guess lol.

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