Thursday, November 27, 2008

Warning: Profits At Risk

Played shedloads today after waking up at 5pm ! Aint gonna list everything as been on mtts, omaha, omaha hi lo across all stakes hu - full ring games. Highest though was a 25/50$ omaha gamble where i lost $2500 before spinning up to $9000 and leaving. Unfortunately i had lost $3000 on the other hu 25/50 though. Still cant resist the big games at the end of a month and i know my profit is totally at risk for the month but i dont really care to be honest. Maybe i need to lose it so that im tighter with future months profits but i certainly am not trying to lose it. Be interesting to see what my mood is like tommorrow and what sort of stakes and games i play anyway. In the end made £1000 today but was £3000 in the hole at worst and i did lose £4000 yesterday so this rollercoaster could crash or go higher very soon methinks.

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