Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bad, Good & Sober

Bad: Lost £1000 on omaha before i left the hotel room today (Tuesday) . Got to Caesars 15mins late (3:15pm) for what i was told when registering was a PL omaha hi lo $210 game, turns out it was limit (although still wanted to enter and have a non serious afternoon/day). Game went on several hours and only was 20 entrants.

Good/Sober: Took a good deal 5 way to be the winner effectively (had 50% ish chips in play) and got $1,220 back for my slog. Had nice Mahi-mahi meal afterwards with 1 pint of lager, time for some shut eye now.

May donate to Bellagio tommorrow but no plans just gonna see what i fancy when i wake up.

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