Thursday, July 31, 2008

July Summary

Obviously ive lost interest in blogging this month and it will probably continue at least for the near future anyway. Anyway i still intend to do at least 1 post a month for the time being and maybe more if i feel im getting anything out of it again.

July started badly in vegas where i lost several hundred £ before returning. On my return nothing went right and then 1 night i lost about 3000euros on 5/10 omaha. I didnt play bad it was just one of those nightmare session where u miss all draws and others hit.

Anyway i didnt play for about 5 days after that and reckon i was about -£4000ish at that point.

When i returned to the tables i felt focused and stayed at lowish stakes the majority of the time for the rest of the month.

Cash wise has been as steady as ever the last 2 weeks, ive actually played hardly any NL holdem and have discovered a new love of omaha hi lo. Hopefully my rakeback should be good despite hardly any play first 2 weeks.

As usual it would have been nice to have played more tournaments. Its definitely my best form of income but i can only enter so many and i have put a lot of effort into the ones i did enter this month. A win for $6000 and several final tables also helped to get me back on track profitwise.

Anyways all for now but bound to post that final figure of profit below this sometime soon.
A crazy last day with profits swinging right up then down then back up a bit. Finished at +£3,682 for the records.


Pud's Poker said...

Nice going finishing nearly £4k up when you were stuck from the off!

I haven't really tried O8 as the "normal" version is mental enough for me to get my head around right now!

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