Saturday, August 16, 2008


Sick update been drinkin but well sobered up fast when the outdraws kicked in. I lost so so so so so many pots well ahead for $1000+ it was sick as hell. I aint gonna look at how much ive done but lost a chunk against an awful player night before to so ive defintely handed back a significant portion of what had been an excellent start to the month.

Also been goin nuts in chat a bit but at least i didnt tell someone to "go die" like i got back in response, real classy and just before he rivered me for $1400 then $1200 when he played both pots like a total idiot. Ah well he thinks he a good player so let him have his glory. Big big donk and i dont think ive played any pots bad tonight so in review i can just look back tommorrow at how damn sick this was. Obviously i was doin the play a bit higher thing i do when drunk but i wasnt that drunk and i know how damn ul i was. Similar to night b4 i guess when i was chipleader in the £10k with 22 left only to lose KK vs J2 std to have gone do double 2nd place and the rest was history finishin in a gay 8th for crap all.

Needed a rant neway prob take a day or too away from the tables after this, been playing too much neway but i hav been takin fair time off at wkend of late which generally works (if i avoid drunk poker i guess)

Later fisheys

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