Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September Review

Didnt play tonight. A rollercoaster throughout the month with profits reaching just over £10,000 before dropping back to under £3000. Finally finished at £7,392. If i do decide to play Thanet GUKPT though i will take the reduced buy in out of that profit so it will be in the region of £6,500.

95% cash games and some good rakeback due for a couple of sites. Hopefully get some cash through from Littlewoods in October for the EPT/CPC package too.

Still need to take the game a bit more seriously when im well up for a month early and not get complacent. Easier said than done as are the drunken dodgy agression sessions.

Basically hoping for another good month in October to set me up for all the live games in November. In fact i will roll myself more in November if i sustain the profit level of the last couple of months.