Friday, September 12, 2008

More Bookings

International flights sorted - into Vegas 5th Nov (my birthday) - return from Miami on the 23rd Nov

Still to book list (for my info really)

Gatwick Hotel
Vegas Hotel
Internal flight to Miami on the 15th Nov

Right onto poker, played loads tonight as know i wont play so much next few days as normal with weekends nowadays. Lost an absolute huge wad before recovering some and i guess im not too unhappy about losing £900-1000 on the day given all circumstances put together. Terrible in chat box again, just cant help myself far too often.

Awaiting approximately $6000 cash element of that EPT package used for CPC, hoping it will come before end of the month to boost me up. Months profit is still v good but lost my focus and discipline a bit last week and havent won nething before tonights loss which is first week for a while.

Pete or Kev if u read this get booked on CPC u know u wnna.

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