Friday, November 11, 2011

Very Long Day

Right 1:15am and just finished.   Longest day for ages and raked the target i was hoping.  That said i dont think i can handle this volume daily in any shape or form and will probably ease off to somewhere around 50% of the $500 gross rake ive achieved today.   I started just before midday and had 2 x hour breaks in there and obvious several 5-10 minute ones so reckon i played about 10.5 hours in the end.

Its been another great day with most of my profit coming from juicy hi lo games in the middle of the day.  £2,858------>£3,554 (cleared one £380 bonus in that and about to clear another early tommorrow).  plo was a big loser today, i just wasnt in the mood and it probably showed through into my results especially when i felt tired playing it.

OMG lol just realised ive hit another $450 in that promotion right at the end of the night again.  Happy days profits just gone to £3,838 !!!!!    Nice but still got tough decisions now whether to keep flat out and try and spike the $5,000 which is within my grasp, hmmmmmmmmm.

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