Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another Mentally Draining Mental Day !!!

Another $500 raked.  Seemed easier today apart from the first 90mins at 10am.  I should have slept more and napped midday-2pm which sorted me right out.   Another crazy winnings day, games were just brilliant pretty much all afternoon and evening and i wasnt disappointed again running well in most of the bigger pots.

A key pot of the day was 3 handed at 3/6 hi lo where i saw a raised pot with KQJ10ssss.   Flop was Qx8s6s and i led with a chunky bet into the short stack who chucked his $90 in.  The big fish flatted as did i and the turn was Kx.  Fish leads 150, i put him in for 300odd more and he shows A488 !!!!  .   Ive still got plenty of outs and a king hits the river to take down roughly a $1,200  pot .   I just run good this month.  Im probably miles over ev but i dnt wnna used tracker at mo as it would probably scare me, lol.

Total profit for day including one of them £380odd bonuses i cleared is a massive £1,505 taking me to £5,343 for Nov.  No joy on spiking that $5,000 and i definitely wont play as much 2moz as im out all evening.  Still ill try to hammer it from Sunday again if not too hungover ;)

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