Thursday, November 03, 2011

Good Day, Bad Finish

Bit frustrated as i write this as nothing seemed to go right in the last session.  Games were limited but i did find some juicy ones but rivers were killing me and right at the end i got 1 outted to pretty much sum the post midnight session up.   Lost £300 that session but overall it was another really really good day making about £500 profit and clearing that bonus for nearly £400 more.   Must not get carried away though, that last session reminded me how easy the profit can get wiped out.  Didnt play higher than 3/6 today and that was only like 12 hands.  Ran well early on 2/4 plo scooping a $1,200 pot and generally the hi lo alongside was very steady too.  Oh did play 10/20 8game for a small period as big fish there but no joy and took a knock there also in the last session as well.  Another solid day under my belt anyway.

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