Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dried Up But Sucked In

If i wasnt about to go on holiday i would only see the good side of what appears to have just happened.  I wont go into detail but the promotion i was half chasing has just lucked me $650.   Its highly likely i will get another $450 at some point but now because of those prizes theres a decent chance of a $5,000 bonus.    To achieve this i would need to be lucky and/or put in huge volume to maximise my chances.   Theres no clear reward though and i could in theory end up with little more.   Whilst ive felt ive put good volume in over the last 3 days i would need to almost exactly double that to maximise my chances and it would need to be every day really.  Im not playing more tonight as im drained and need to sleep on this and think about plans of action. 

Games were dried up today for me but maybe that was because they were just sooooo good Mon/Tues.  Didnt really make any money but cleared bonus on another site for about £120 and that $650 for the promo was credit too so its pushed me up to peak +£2,858.   Very close to clearing another £380 too so hopefully more good stuff to report in another 24 hours :)

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