Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Decent Day

Despite drinking 3 days on the trot i still managed to play about 8 hours today.  The latter ones were all break even but my afternoon session was excellent with lots of fish about and lots of run good to report.

Since 2nd Nov i've kind of been in freefall and dropped from +£2,000 to only +£600ish over several days and sessions.  Today however saw me rake a lot and build that profit back up to +£1,380.

Played my supernova 1million$ freeroll Saturday and got the usual reminder of my hate for nlh.  Sit there building stack from 10k up to over 20k without any allins.  Call an allin for 1/3 stack with KQ and lose to A9off.  Rebuild stack back up to 22k with blinds now at 500/1k it was still a good stack with 2000/5500 left and 1000 getting paid.  Average stack 26k and i get it in KK vs QQ to lose a 48k pot :(  

Plan to try and play a lot this week starting with 2moz and hopefully up to Friday unless i get sick of it.

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