Monday, November 14, 2011

Hangover Of Hangovers

Somehow still managed to rake $380 today.  Only did $150 yesterday.   Intend to try and rake $500 a day Mon - Fri this week before a well earned holiday.   Made a few hundred £ yesterday but today ive made in the region of £600 + a £380 bonus.   I expect to hit a wall soon but i keep pinching myself thats its not happened just yet !   Profit sitting at a huge +£6,505 :))


Anonymous said...

hi robert,been reading ure blog for a while,u met my newphew at aussie mills a few yrs bk spencer benjafield,wonderin if u could gives a few tips on the hi lo front as i enjoy the game,mainly torns and micro stakes.
kind regards

sledge13 said...

Brilliant stuff!