Tuesday, November 01, 2011

October Figures

Just about to tally up final figures and take an early night after playing over 10 hours today at the tables.   Was a volatile day losing loads to start with and i was down about £1,200 wiping out my months profit early during that first session.   That session lasted 5 hours and by the end of it though i was only -£600 for it.    

The 2 shorter evening sessions saw me fair better.  All sessions have been on anything from 1/2 up to 5/10 and there was a point i almost sat 10/20 where a big fish was but couldnt do it as i knew i would have played a bit scared which you just cant do in plo.  

I think i will continue with the stakes ive been on the last few days and see how i fair.  I should probably put some sort of stop loss in place but i wont be playing much after the 19th when im abroad anyway so i think this month i will just stop if i get into an comfortable hole or at least ban myself from certain stakes should the need arise.   The next 2 months will be full of experimentation just like last year so see what games i will attack in 2012.   I think ive got a good balance going at the monent and seem to be enjoying it a bit more and even coping better than i would expect to when i do lose a stack or 2 in a row.  Will definitely play some live plo in the Caribbean too which is normally 5/5.

Final figure is  +£1,904 which im happy with.   Ive cleared a lot of bonuses which essentially make up that profit but on the other side ive probably raked somewhere around $4,000 which is more than i normally would have.   Looking back i know i hardly played the first week or 10days so actually ive done really really good volume since then and of course theres more rake at higher stakes.

Happy hunting people !

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