Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back On The Big Screen

Desktops back so im back to my better set up.   Played a 5 hour non stop session as soon as it arrived but was to no joy losing a few hundred in the end.  Amazing pattern this month, every time i get near clearing a £400 bonus i lose £300-£400 in the last 10% of clearing it.  Ive done this every time on maybe 4 or 5 bonuses :(

Annoying thing about today is i was looking forward to chucking everything into pokertracker and seeing how i ran etc but its playing up as i know ive played more than the number of hands its imported.   I did win the biggest pot i was in today of $2,000 but i lost a few $1,200 pots and others so it would have been nice to have seen an overall ev line.  

Biggest cooler ever that pot above calling a raise with KcQxJx10x and flopping AQJxcc .  Got all excited when other guy couldnt get it in fast enough thinking prob vs a set but he turned over AAQ7xcxc but i managed to survive the ridiculous sweat.   Sticking it into an odds calc now , gnna guess im 53% fav for fun.  LOL shows what i know i was a 46% underdog, my 3 blockers obv dnt count as much as i thought !!!

Right ive been able to tally the month now this desktop is back and im pretty much where i was at start of today at +£1,190.   Not sure if will play much 2moz as out in evening , have to see.

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