Friday, October 14, 2011

Nout Appening

Sorry for lack of posts.  Excuse first few days since last post was lack of volume although when i did play i got bashed up really bad.   Saturday i think i only played 1 hour and done £600 as an example.  My losses went as far back down as -£1,200 since that then they seem to yoyo between -£500 and -£1100 since.   Put quite a bit of play in the last 3 days and considering how bad the tables are im disappointed not to have run better and at least got back into a profit.  Ive cleared £750odd in bonuses too so when factor that in its not good at all.  

Anyway just ran a lot better at plo on last session of day just now.   Gonna tally up now.  Was at peak for today of +£150 before i started so ne nice to have wiped most of that out  (was down £400odd earlier !!!) .  Lets see....... LOL yeh it was a good one ive made it back into profit for the first time since the last post a week ago and sit at +£23.

Time to push upwards not fall backwards yet again please.

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