Friday, October 28, 2011

Thurs - WTF

Well im hope im done cos im exhausted.   Just played as highest stakes across several tables more than ive done for probably 18 months.

Earlier was normal but bad afternoon losing to fish at usual dull stakes.   Didnt even fire the laptop up in the evening until nearly midnight and in hindsight probably should have just stayed off.   Anyway im too knackered to discuss hands but i reckon i went about £2,000 in the hole but this was on high stakes but kind of acceptable as it was hi lo and my fav fish was sitting.  

I guess tilt monster kind of got me although i didnt chuck anything away on the tables i just started searching higher games to find something i could take a shot at with at least 1 big fish in.  I ended up playing 2/4 3/6 5/10 and even 10/20 plo.   The hi lo i lost (2-3stacks) on was 10/20 (800buyin) pl too although i also got coolered for loads on 2/4 which helped induce the craving to chase higher.  

To cut the story short as i wnna go bed (5 hours solid session and 5am now)  i won and lost some huge pots but ended up winning the biggest one of $4,000 vs a reg and then bust the $800 fish a couple of hands later on the 10/20 table.   Great escape, im not sure what the figures are for the day as i cant really remember where i started.  Im definitely level or up a few hundred anyway.

Note the plo stakes are huge compared to the hi lo as i only buyin for 40xbb on hi lo in higher games where as i buy in for 100xbb whatever stakes plo is.

I guess the interesting part is where do i go from here.   I was playing those games properly without being scared and really enjoying the rush in the big pots.  Normally i need to be drunk to achieve this but im craving more now so i might have to set a serious roll aside and take at shot back at the stakes in played regularly in 2009.  Tough decision and i dnt wnna rush it but at the same time i dnt wanna leave my roll too high before i get drunk at the weekend as i dnno if i trust myself after tonight.  Watch this space i guess.

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