Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wed - A Bit Tipsy

Only squeezed an hour in during the afternoon losing a little chunk.   Didnt play then until midnight for a few hours.  With maybe 6 pints in me i played some higher games but made sure there was at least 1 fish at the table.  Ended up on 30/60 limit hi lo where i lost about $800 before finishing a $200ish up.   I was chasing the whole session really though as lost 3 buyins of $240 at 3/6 within 10minutes of sitting down (not cos drunk cooler ul type hands).  Fortunately i ran better in the limit and mixed games and finally ended up somewhere around level or mayb $100 or $200up.  Levelish on the day anyway.  

Writing this before i start today.  Looking like im gonna play 3-4hours ish now then return 8 or 9pm later for 3-7hrs more.

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