Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Bottle That Attitude

Must be sommat in the water at the mo as im putting in great volume, enjoying the majority of it, and both playing and running good.   Made most of my money at the start and end sessions today but in the middle i should have been stacked 3 or 4 times in quick succession but managed to only get stacked once. I might have got away from that had i not used part of my timebank before the hand.

Raked in the region of $400 , cleared a £380 bonus (and 60% of the next one!) and made poker profit in the region of £600.   The best bit of it all is i didnt play any hands at all above 2/4 (and most was 1/2 or .5/1) so it was truly a really really good day.  Getting committed to a promotion a bit although its weird and i might achieve the bonus i "should" get in the next 24hours or in weeks, theres a luck factor to it.  Ideally this will come before i go on hols as i dont want to feel obliged to play online at that time.  Still anything that motivates me to put the hours in is only a good thing while im not sick of it for a change !

Peak of  +£2,440 for Nov, expecting similar volume tommorrow if in the mood, hope to keep it going up.  Sorry for lack of hands, i did try to memorise a few interesting ones today but im so tired i cant even be bothered to think about them.

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Amatay said...

I would buy them bottles of attitude for alot of money