Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mixing Stuff

Still playing lots of different stuff and currently back on the plo trail.

After last post was just on hi lo for a few days and peaked at +£1,200 before going on a downswing for a few days.

Following the weekend break ive been 90% on plo from .5/1 up to a gamble session just now on 5/10 (was on a good table though so justified) but mostly 1/2.

Still not 100% comfortable with what games im targeting exactly on which sites and stuff but hopefully it will become clearer the more volume i put in.

Anyways basically gone from +£800 monday to +£1,500 then back down to +£1,200 before luckily dragging in my biggest pot for a long time on that 5/10 table along with hitting lots on 1/2 after to hit peak for month of +£2,100.

Happy hunting!


James Atkin said...

Hey Rob,

Would appreciate if you'd sort out that blog link swap for me.

I get pretty decent traffic and hopefully can swing some your way!


Robert "Animal" Price said...

i did a week or 2 back but couldnt see mine on yours so deleted it when i cleared lots of old links recently