Friday, June 08, 2007

Not Too Much To Report

A full 48 hours away from the tables followed by a return tonight for 2.5hrs. Lost $600 very quickly on 3,6$ but managed the reverse variance on 2,4$NL and eventually finished about $150 up. All cash games, no multis since last post.

Its far too hot (not complaining) to be playing much poker at the minute, this summer weather is the reason to play more in the winter and take it easy around this time of year. Dont understand people that want to play 8hrs+ for what seems every day but each to their own i suppose.

Only other change is my body clock which seems to be getting later and later at the moment. 4am now and i know i aint going sleep for at least 30mins - 1hour yet, bit daft considering im not playing much poker but what the hey.

I have considered changing my wsop dates and going earlier but i cant see it happening really. I think 14 nights is enough and i dont want to be out there regreting extending it, i would rather do the 14 and know for future visits how long to stay ideally. Still yet to book parking/airport hotel and also need go shopping for few things including new mp3 (or ipod) as my old one is stuck on maximum volume ! Laziness is maybe taking over again, but given the hot weather who cares :)

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