Friday, June 08, 2007

Best Hour On 2,4$NL 2 Tables

Wasnt really intending to play tonight but fancied a short session in the end so sat at 2 x 6 handed 2,4$NL tables. 1 hour later i left with $1180 profit, that will help towards the multi fees ive lost so far this month :) Best hand was the one below, it was my 3rd preflop raise in a row but these people were calling with anything preflop (drunks luv em):

KK UTG+1 make it 14$ and get caller behind and the 2 blinds, flop is KxJc3c.
Check to me and i bet 35$, button folds , sb makes it 70$, bb flat calls, i make it 250$ in total , sb allin and bb calls allin.
Turn Qh and river 4s and i win approx a $1100 pot. sb had J3 (probably suited lol) and bb had Qc5c.

Yes in one sense i should be playing more to take full advantage of these player types but i hav enough money and like to be lazy and choosey about when and for how long i play, especially when its this lovely hot weather :)

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Anonymous said...

Mr Spago is happy with your winnings mr animal