Saturday, June 09, 2007

Grrrrrrrr (in Running)

Damn it frustrating last couple hours. Been trying shootout subs for £1050 GCSOP tommorrow at 4pm. Just lost heads up for a seat (nothing for 2nd). Survived a few allins when weak but inbetween this guy just kept hitting on the allins for the seat.
Lost all of these for a seat:

89 vs A3
K3 vs A3
K8 vs A2 board came 567KA just to completely put me over the edge

and A8 vs A6 lost for 12k vs 3k stacks but out.

These shootouts are so bad , im not sure how many i played but i got to the final table on all but 2. Anyway im left on 2 final tables now , 1 with 2 seats and 1 with 1. Blimey im mad now i cant imagine what i be like in a bit if i dont get one. Update in a bit.

Oh dear wanna smash something, just busted 4th when 2nd in chips in the 2seater one. Chip leader calls my allin with 77 putting his seat in jeopardy as i hav over half his chips. My god some people are so clueless, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrr. Also pretty much lost in the 1 seater one. Basically ive had all my luck when im weak so i cant finish these fools off. 10s vs AA im out to a lucky idiot.

*** that i wanted to play golf all afternoon 2moz anyway. Lets hope they do shootouts for the cpc again cos the standard in them is totally beyond a joke so its great value.

Oh and i forgot to mention i lost a big stack in mansion when down last 1/3 of the field. QQ vs QQ vs KK preflop except the KK just flat calls my allin and doesnt take the 10k off the other QQ stack. What fools we have in the most basic of postions in poker, good for long run. Makes me mad and livid in the short term when they get lucky. Lucky for me i hav a blog.

30mins later:

Note to self, hot bath is good to exile the tilt, feel much better, gutted but not angry. Anyway made $300 earlier for an hour or less on the cash tables so paid for most of those failed subs and mansion anyway.

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