Thursday, November 16, 2006

I Wasnt Gonna Play

And i wish i hadnt friggen bothered. Basically i found other things to do all day and didnt play for a 24 hours period then i figured i would play for up to an hour just before i hit the sack at 5am as seems the norm at the moment.

Again i would describe the session as fairly faultless. I know im at the top of my game at moment, but the gods just aint smiling. I have an excellent read for the game and i know rewards will come if i carry on playing like i am.

So on to the session to blog it out of my system ...again. :(

Finished $220 down for the 50 minutes play on 2,4$ and 3,6$NL. 2 Key Pots:

1) Preflop All In on 3,6 , i got the chips in first, i even typed in the chat box i had KK to try and discourage 1 or both of the callers that had put half their stacks in already. No of course they call and its KK vs JJ vs AKoff and of course the jack comes on the river for approx. a $550 pot.
Pissed me off more because the JJ player had been playing so tight, i knew they had AA QQ or JJ when they reraised me preflop (unlikely AA cos they bet too much) and of course the worst player gets the luck. Seems the norm of late unfortunately.

2) Preflop All In on 3,6 , i raise with AK gets called and another moves all in for $100-110.
AK vs AQ and of course the queen is the first card out of the pack and i fail to improve for approx. a $220 level for the session if that held.

These sort of runs are becoming easier to take with the experience ive gained in the last month or 2 but they sure are nasty, especially when they come day after day without a really good one inbetween. Also being up for the month does make it easier but maybe i should stick to 2,4$ as my luck at the 3,6$ is horrendous to say the least.

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