Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Just loading this up in a good mood , steady all night although no good in a few tourneys.

Then this happens

9 handed 2,4$ NL utg raises to 20$ 1 caller, im in bb with 22 and call, flop is K42 with 2 hearts, chk raiser bets 32 caller folds and i raise to 80$ making the pot 200$ when he flat calls. There is no way i lay down this hand now and im prob all in or close on the turn and hope he has a king or AA in the hole. Turn is Qh and im all in 200$ for a $200 pot, he calls with 8h9h wtf ??? utg raise 9 handed to 20 jesus, crazy but i still have outs but miss and now im down for the day.

Anyway reason for logging was just to put an update on here on the FTOPS on full tilt for my investors.

3k starting stack missed every draw so far (4 or 5 in total) , 1 draw rivered against me for a medium pot. Was as low as 1800 but currently 2300 after 1 hours play.

Correction just gonna shut and missed with AQstd after break, down to 2k :(

OH dear further update (only a few mins after last one)

Fuking joke have to give u investors full details so you can know just how bad im running in this.

Early 100 call i raise to 200 on button with KK and get bb and caller calling.
Flop 10,6,5 rainbow chk to me 100 called by bb only.
Turn = 9 giving 2 diamonds, chk me 200 he call.
River = J diamonds he bets 200, i call and he shows Jc9c

Jc9c R u kidding me, i restrained from swearing as i didnt wanna get u chat banned Mark and believe me that was difficult. Im now left on 900 chips with bb at 120, i wont update any further unless there is a comeback, ridiculous.

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