Thursday, November 16, 2006

Finally A Bit Of Luck

Or just better than normal anyway. Hit couple sets and stuff and got some cash back on 3,6$NL.

As for tournaments. Went out on pot to go 40/112 (pays to 63) in the 511 player 18$ rebuy. Board was 10d5x2d and i held Ad5d so went all in to take the pot there and then but a Q10off couldnt resist calling even though i bet 4 times the pot and it was an unraised pot. Knew i was only marginal favourite so didnt want a call but not a bad spot if i was called as i got them in first.

Anyway GL to Mark Whent on the final table of the Betfair Singapore main event. Apparently he has doubled through countless times all against Tony G. Lying in 8th/10 at moment and guaranteed a nice payoff, 20-450$k. I guess my FTOPS results wont matter so much to him now lol, but they matter to me !!!

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