Monday, January 05, 2015

Best Worst Start To A Year ?

This is all a bit surreal.   I couldn't lose and was hitting everything for the first 3 days of January.   I peaked at a profit of £3,600 (not including rakeback).   That was until today, seems ive had my worst day for .....well....without looking back I would estimate about 5 years.  I may still play later and will edit if it changes but seems ive lost £4,100.  What I don't understand is im always angry or depressed after such a day but im literally almost laughing at it.  Wish I could bottle this attitude for the year !  I think its just because its that extreme and I was already up most of what I lost so no harm done ? LOL   I seem to have developed an addiction for 3/6 NLhilo CAPs on stars and this is where most of the swings have been but its so much fun (almost like a casino game!).   Todays loss is all just ev loss (ie run bad).   Gonna do some graphs for the year no, doubt ill post them here but interested to see wtfs going on lol.   Volume and attitude are good anyway so that's more than half the battle !!!

Ha make that £4,250 lost another 2 buyins on caps as I wrote this :)
Yeh basically graphs show I would be about £1,500 better off if I ran level to ev.  as it is im -£670 currently, shame .   Rakeback around £550 already , to put that into context I normally only manage that figure about halfway through the month !

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