Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vegas Booked

Just the flights so far as they seem to be filling fast. Flying out 13th June and back on 30th June although i guess if im doing well (or qualify for main event) i can extend that easily (last year was only £50 to change day of return flight).

Hoping to get back to consistent winning ways between now and then otherwise it will be very cheap hotel so i'll book that at a later date.

Only tourney that sticks out as a must play for me on trip is $1,500 PLO Hi/Lo. That may be my only WSOP event as theres plenty of stuff at Bellagio,Caesars and Venetian to choose from and i may just grind Rio cash games more this year. Unfortunately i wont be out there for the event i final tabled last year which is a bit sad really but the dates ive chosen suit me better. Just have to settle for the PL version instead. Lots to think about between now and flight anyway.


JusticeFT96 said...

Vegas babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

White Russians unbelievable!!!

Can't wait!

Cottlad said...

Hi m8, nice blog. Wanna do some link swappage? I'll add u anyways.

Blogolopoulos said...

Best of luck Animal!

Don't you love the smell of the Venetian... :)

Anonymous said...

i am the original cotboy

Anonymous said...

Going to vegas then too.

the man they call beerdonk

JusticeFT96 said...

Beerdonk, its Pirus!

When are you there for? I am there from the 14th June.