Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Golden Seat

OK since the last post i played the $100 rebuy satellite to main of $1850+$150 with my stack going up nicely to begin with before crashing back. After dinner break it followed the same pattern and i managed to lose a pot to have gone to 16k with average less than half that and playing for 11 seats. Was licking my lips after calling a raise with 9,10std and the board coming Q99A before frenchie showed QQ. Eventually crashed out around 35th or sommat but overall very happy with my game.

Yesterday was a busy day getting up at 6:30am for golf. Managed to squeeze some time in at the pool after lunch before a needed power nap. Wasnt really up for the $220 freezeout but played it anyway and started attacking the vodka at the same time. Result = early bath just before the 1st break but that worked out for the best in the end.

After more and more vodka in a couple of bars i was definitely more drunk than any other night and i dont even remember what time i returned to the casino. As i walked in they were opening a 2nd table of $5/$5 plo so i jumped in (there had only been 1 table all week so i hoped this would be a juicy one given it was saturday night). Immediately went on soft drinks and got an early double with 2nd set vs 3rd set in a raised pot. I had only sat with $300 as im still trying to find the optimum comfortable buyin for a 8 or 9 handed game. 2 or 3 hours later i finally went card dead and stopped shitting all over the deck. I had found a golden seat and the first 1-2 hours i pretty much won around 75% of any pot i entered. This included several chunky pots. All players were only in for $200-$400ish so the only really large pot i got was a 3 way allin with 2nd nuts full house on a KJ5JQ board for around $1,000. I just couldnt lose an allin and finally left at about 2am with $1,915. The strange thing was this table was actually much tighter than the crazy one the other day which again made me realise just how lucky i had been. I didnt need to run any big bluffs but did pick up lots of small pots with almost near perfect timing in multiway pots.

Got a big decision today as main event starts at 4pm. Its now just before 10am and im itchin to do some lengths of the pool before lunch and go to the beach. I know i can justify buying in if i want to but the 1st purpose of this trip was holiday and im really not sure if i want to enter and play 1-2 days of deepstacked poker for possibly no reward in what will probably only be about 50 players mtt.

Hmmmmmmm we'll see how i feel around 2 or 3pm i guess :)

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stumpy said...

nice score rob gl if ya play main