Friday, December 31, 2010


Almost didnt go shopping as i woke up late and knackered but figured it was still the better option or poker so did so. Expected to stay until 7 or 8pm but came home a bit earlier.

Still wasnt really thinking about playing poker but in the end decided to hav a small bash just before 10pm. 50 minutes later after 7 tabling .5/1$ plo and running golden as well as having people throw money at me i was 4.5 buyins up but still not really in the mood to play any more !

So after almost not playing i was a happie happie. Expected that to be the end but....

An hour or so later i saw some juicy 2/4$ hi lo plo tables going so figured it was worth a shot. After going on my usual spiral downwards to begin with (maybe $400-$600) i managed to get a fish heads up on 2 tables and eventually hit my share of rivers after he had hit his early. Result was about $800 up in the end.

So again after almost stopping things went better than i could have expected.

Result on day was just over £800 up and sit on the month at a peak of £2,318 for December.

Expect to still play tommorrow though so will update with a final years profit figure once im done. Not that i like targets but +£601 tommorrow would put my spreadsheet on exactly +£30k for the year but unless i ran real good again or the games are juicy i certainly wouldnt expect to finish on that.

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