Friday, December 03, 2010

Luggage Time

2 days overdue our luggage finally arrived just in time to change, shave and head out for the evening yesterday.

Weds i played the $220 freezeout here which was ok but i knew i probably wouldnt play many more of the mtts unless i enter 1 or 2 of the bigger ones. Ended up 23/60odd and happy with game.

Thurs i skipped the mtt, had a few drinks and meal then hit the 5/5$ PLO. Im not rolled for this really but i guess i can attack the credit and debit card if required. Im never a massive fan of 8 and 9 handed PLO and can struggle to adjust but i think its just inexperience in not playin it enough. Variance can be brutal but fotunately after going 500 down yesterday i turned a $350 profit in the end.

Will probably play the same later although i havent ruled out the $100 rebuy supersatellite tonight. Bit of sunburn yesterday after spending around an hour in the sea my shoulders were obv exposed a bit too much. Lots of shade and tshirt today but must go beach its absolutely fantastic.

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