Sunday, October 25, 2009

As It Stands

Right heres how the month has gone in £ so far. Lost chunk first 3-4days -£9k at worst. Went on mad run for about 2 weeks after with only 1 small losing day. Peaked at £38,500 then hit real bad couple of days to drop £12k of that. Edged back up to £32k over nxt few days but lost a couple of thou yesterday before i drove to Bristol the play a £550 game so currently £30k + £3,300 HU package next week. Also having to play 3-4hrs a day min online for a promo which will prob net me $1000+ but with a huge slice of luck could nab an Aussie Millions package.

The £550 was fun, i thought i would have found it difficult focusing after such a good month and losing approx 4x buyin b4 i even started and this was true for the first couple of levels where i wasnt overly impressed with my game at all. Picked up after first break though and managed to hit some good hands which obviously helped. Was prob top 3 of not chip leader after 5.5 levels with 49k (starting 10k) but missed loads after that and got resistance in the wrong places. Dropped to 35k then back to 40k before i called a reraise with 99 and lost a pot to have gone to 77k vs AA on a AQ9 flop. 5xbb out a few hands later. Had fun though, dunno what it is but i really like Bristol Gala casino and was glad a made the effort to attend. Drove back after so didnt play any live cash games but glad to have played with some chips before the HU championship next week.

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Steve H. said...

great write up.

Linked you up now animal ;-)

Be lucky.