Thursday, October 29, 2009

HU Over

Unsure what to write basically played crap for 30-60mins then played out of my skin and dominated for the next hour or so. Supposed to be on challenge at some point but i wasnt on a hole cam table so guess will only see allins and a few clips here and there, oh and mayb a cringy interview.

1st hand i lose 4000 2 pair vs nut straight
2nd hand i double up rivering a straight, he mucked after callin river but at least 2 pair
3rd hand i 4 bet 44 allin and he has AA and holds

so its 16k vs 24k after 3 hands with my 20% shot to win over.
like said above played crap for bit, low was about 6500 i think.
suck out K7 vs AK 7 on river er that took me back to 14 or 15k i think.
peaked at about 23k after playing small ball poker from there on as much as poss

then huge hand playing 22k i call a raise out of position with 34off then check raise his continuation bet to 5000 on a Kc8c4x board. he moves allin 300/600 level and not too much of it left its 11k to call and my instinct is he has flush draw at best but i really thought he had AJ AQ or even worse to be honest. After about 2 minutes i went with my instinct (sommat i regret not doing in my first match enough) and made the call. He showed 75cc for gutshot flush draw and overs so i guess i maybe was 50% but irrelevent anyway as flush immediately hit the turn.

left with 4200 i double through Q4std vs K10 before the strangest of exit hands.

he limps button and i chk 93off
flop QQ3 and i check raise his about 700 bet to about 1600
turn is Kd making 2 diamonds on board and ive got bout 6500 left
read on flop was he had nothing, maybe king or ace high so i bet 2400ish so i had option of getting away but lookin committed at same time (obv would go with instinct or read if he shoves)
he flat calls and i still believe im ahead at this point , river was a low diamond and i shove my 4000ish allin
he says call and i thought he said jack high but no he says jack high flush and shows J7dd WTF
says he thought i was at it on flop but WTF if thats the case shove the turn and have some fold equityor reraise the flop, hate his play on this hand but whatever. I wanted him in i guess and i played so well the last hour i wasnt angry just disappointed.

Would have been mad with myself if i bust the K7 vs AK i truly played shocking up to that point and it definitely was a match of 2 halves. Took more from this match than the 1st one and hopefully will make my experience count to grab a live title one day in the future.

Online ive stayed level since that huge loss other night but (if im not pushing my luck as still playing) im up a couple of £k tonight so far. Looking forward to the 1st week in Nov where i hope to ease right off and chill out ,unless im in a complete addict mode and the games are good of course ;)


Anonymous said...

I would doubt that you are even 40 percent in the 34o hand let alone 50

Robert "Animal" Price said...

ty anonymous brains 38% but i wasnt being accurate obviously as its less than 31% pot odds 11k/36k