Sunday, November 01, 2009

Oct Review

Incredibly poor last 7-10days resulting in a final profit for the month of £13,046. Now i can moan about that as i peaked at £38,500 but i would take it before the month started or 3 days in when i was £9,000 down. Im more concerned with how steep the variance and downswings were this month. Didnt particularly like playing the last week either as i know i played too much this month chasing a schrapnel bonus (could been bigger if lucky) after getting committed. Another couple of promising starts in live games resulted in no cashes again too.

Have taken the extreme measure of withdrawing nearly all my money from all sites for now. I dont want to be tempted to play when im not in the mood and im interested to see if i treat the games any different when im depositing in to play them. Gonna check my money situation shortly and see whether i can go for a week abroad mid Nov possibly Vegas. Not getting much out of blog at mo so dont be surprised if i dont update much this month too.



Anonymous said...

Love your blog Rob, been reading it for a couple of years.

I check it every day on the train platform at 5.30am.

Keep it up.


Jan Teilhof said...

Go to Vegas and relax for sure ;-)