Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MTT Madness

After listing a load of mtts (around $200 give or take each) sat night but not entering ne of them i tried the same technique 2nite and entered 6 of them at almost same time.

Bust 2 fairly early but went deep in other 4.

1st bubble come along in the one i had been 8-12bb whole time in and i bubbled 33rd pays 30. I didnt mind this too much as i won a $5500 pot on hi lo omaha at exactly the same time :)

Still in other 2 as per below update as i go or bust:

10/13 50euro rebuy 216 entrants
13/30 $50 rebuy 434 entrants

arrrgh sick 450euros for finishing 10th in 1st one AA vs KK king on river for 113k pot at 4k bb level although would only have been 7/10 stack.
4/24 in other and trying not to tilt :(( arrrgh AK vs shortie 33 KQ10 flop turn 3 yuk. 12/22

yuk jj vs QQ pot to go 4th , lost it and crippled 19/19

and out a6 vs QQ flop Q62 turn ace just to take piss bit more gg. $570

£3,200 up on day so nout to complain about, would been nice to have took 1 of those last 2 down for 7,500 euros or $14,200 but not to be.


snoopy1239 said...

Hey, Robert. Fancy a link exchange with Black Belt Poker? Happy to add your link to blackbeltpoker.blogspot.com in exchange. Drop a comment on the blog if you fancy it.

Black Belt Poker said...

Cheers, m8. Have linked you up.

Anonymous said...

could you change your background at all???

i can never read ur blog for more than 2min without getting a headache

Anonymous said...

Don't these tournaments seem a bit piddly when your playing cash for such high stakes?

Robert "Animal" Price said...

i know what u saying but im reluctant to enter $500 or $1000 games online as i know i have to put max effort in them and im too lazy. i rather enter 6 at once around the $200 mark give or take and relax a bit more. i struggle to play mtts properly online these days as i get bored too easily but i do like them when i go deep making them a nice change from the routine every so often.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

u dnt need to read it for more than 2 minutes !!! i may change it though for the new year, fresh start and all that :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I see that, I tend to specialise in HUP but after a while I'd rather spend the afternoon throwing up than playing HUP NL. Specilisation FTW but a change is as a good as a rest.