Sunday, November 29, 2009

4th - Top 5 2009 Personal Poker Highlights

The year began so well with 2 amazing months so it was always likely i was going to hit a wall at some point. March and April i spent the majority of the time in profits only to end up -£12,000 at the end of each one. I had truly been taking a shot at higher stakes with nearly all my games being 10/20 and 25/50 , think i even ventured to 50/100 for a few sessions. At the beginning of May i had had enough and with vegas 4 weeks away for a 6 week stay i was determined to turn around any complacency and motivation issues and i felt i was really going to knuckle down. Result of this meant i tried to ban myself from anything higher than 10/20$ plo which i managed with the exception of one $2000 loss on 25/50.

Number 4 on my list is May 6th when i exclusively played 10/20$ and a tiny bit of 5/10$on both plo and plo hi lo cash games.

I started the day £600 down for the month. Six and a half hours in i had run as golden as i can which at that time meant draws hitting, bluffs getting through, and sets holding up. I was £21,000 up at peak but the last half hour i dropped a bit including losing a $6,000 allin preflop (60/40) AAK5 dbl suited vs QJ109 1 suit and shut down quickly after taking that as a good sign to leave.

I finished £17,500 up which remains my best day to date at time of writing when ive only played 10/20$ plo and hi lo max. More importantly it kick started an incredible month in terms of profit and volume played. On May 18th i wrote "Could do with leaving for Vegas now as my attitude, effort and enjoyment factors are all just right but i'll just have to keep it that way for one more week" and i still felt the same when i left 10days later with just under £75k profit (2nd best month to date) under my belt for May.

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